Earlier this week, Dustin Hoffman gave a tearful speech in response to a question about his 1982 movie Tootsie, thereby reminding people that the movie Tootsie exists.  Many had gone for years without remembering this movie, but, now that Hoffman has brought Tootsie back into the spotlight, they are instantly able to recall vague notions of its plot.


The Tootsie movie poster

"Yeah, Dustin Hoffman dresses up as a woman, right?" said Janine Garcia, 43.  "And he... falls in love with Bill Murray?  No, that can't possibly be right.  Bill Murray falls in love with him?  Yeah, that seems right."

Although most of the people interviewed could remembering seeing and loving the movie, no one could seem to accurately describe anything even remotely similar to the movie's plot, or even the details around them seeing it.

"Oh yeah," said Michael McGuire, 38, from Anchorage, Alaska.  "I saw that movie on a date with my girlfriend at the time... um... uh... I can't remember her name.  I think maybe it was Sheila.  Yeah, Sheila.  What.... Maybe it was Sherlie."

Some interviewed said that they were thinking about maybe renting Tootsie this weekend, with McGuire adding, "It's either that or the new Hobbit movie."

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Dustin Hoffman on TOOTSIE and his character Dorothy Michaels

Dustin Hoffman on TOOTSIE and his character Dorothy Michaels